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All about Nourishing the Mother, Bridget and Julie.

Our Story

Bridget and Julie met in 2013 at a Natural Parenting Playgroup, Julie with her third and Bridget with her first, brought together by our love of all things conscious parenting and seeking a tribe to support this journey.  We instantly 'hit it off', connecting and creating a friendship founded on inspired and conscious living. 

We were avid Podcast listeners ourselves and would meet up for 'coffee and playdates' and discuss this week's learnings, based on podcasts we were listening to.  We would often joke about having a podcast "because, surely, there are other women who would want to talk about what we're talking about".

In 2015 we were offered the opportunity to podcast on The Wellness Couch, which Bridget wholeheartedly 'pushed' Julie towards (for which I am forever grateful!) and Nourishing the Mother was was formed!   This then lead on to an enormous drive to awaken women to their full potential, to mother from a place of empowered presence and create lasting change in their lives, which flows out to their families and communities.

Together we bring the wisdom to help you awaken all areas of your life. 


For more information on how we can help facilitate the change you want to see in your life see COACHING.

Bridget's Story

Events Manager, Writer, Speaker, Facilitator


Bridget Wood is the co-founder of Nourishing the Mother and the Founder of Suburban Sandcastles - a space dedicated to elevating the collective consciousness through the medium of documentary film, expert speakers and interviews that challenge the status quo and call us all to think bigger. 

Bridget brings wisdom, heart, and inspiration to audiences around Australia, and Internationally with her unique knowledge of consciousness and current affairs. Creating conversations on health and wellness, education, leadership, diversity, choices in childbirth, environment and spirituality, Bridget demonstrates a remarkable capacity to communicate ideas in meaningful ways that resonate, bringing together people willing to have their minds opened in wonder, rather than closed by belief. 

Bridget has facilitated thousands of women to find the expansion, joy, and deep reverence for motherhood, feminine awakening and respectful parenting. 


Julie's Story

Author, Birth Coach, Health Professional, Mothering Mentor


Julie Tenner is a mother of four, Co-founder of Nourishing The Mother and The Pleasure Nutritionist. A Naturopath and doula, her focus is on bringing pleasure back into our health, mothering and lives.  Author, Birth Coach, Health Professional, Mothering Mentor.

A captivating storyteller, Julie brings heart and charisma to her work with a distinctive combination of knowledge and soul.  Passionate about women, body connection and parenting, Julie has expertise on health and wellbeing with intellectual foundations and spiritual underpinnings.  She can masterfully weave physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health into practical lifestyle tips and choices, inspiring conscious questions, thought and change. 



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