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Aligned Parenting Program

Access an enormous toolkit for smashing through beliefs that hold you back. Find the gifts and gold from your life's story.  Align with what is most important to you and start living a life you feel awakened by!  Connect with your magnificence and allow the world to witness it.

Aligned Parenting Program


- Connecting you with the grace, wisdom & spaciousness of the parent-child dynamic -

I have been empowered to live and parent with more authenticity, awareness, passion and courage. I have been challenged to know myself better, connect to my children with greater reverence for their innate wonderfulness and learned to love myself more. I am more at peace as a mum as a result of the breathtaking ride of self discovery my NTM courses have catalysed in my inner and outer worlds.
— Sam

I feel so alive and inspired when I watch the videos from the modules. So many learnings. SO GLAD I found this tribe
— Gina

We've pretty much read every book on respectful parenting, and then we've read some more on neurobiology, attachment, and relationship, and applied our collective parenting wisdom from our own family lives, and our knowledge of consciousness and universal laws, to craft a program quite unlike anything else.

Our Aligned Parenting Program encompasses all our learning.

Because every day when we parent our child, we are parenting ourselves.

Asking ourselves to grow, show up, shrink, conform, stand out, speak up, be quiet. Shine.

It's a relationship like no other. And no it doesn't just 'come naturally' if you seek to raise children with strong emotional intelligence.

If you want to step up with us and lean into your family dynamic, to find the connection, awareness, and expansion on the other side, then join us.

It's just $197 for four modules of content, access to an Aligned Parenting private Facebook group, bi-monthly webinars and coaching with us.   

It also includes immediate access to our private members only Facebook group - Connect, Inspire, Thrive - where we continue to have daily group discussions.

Come join us and get the support you need to create lasting change and intentional movement forwards.


I was just listening to family dynamics. I love the part about the benefits of our kids being exposed to a range of people and their individual genius. It’s so nice to recognise that one of us doesn’t have to be it all!
— Lauren

What you'll learn

Module 1 - Emotional Evolution
Learn the basics of secure attachment, respectful, emotionally-attuned parenting and the profound nature of the dynamic we have with our children to facilitate mutual growth. Understand what happens when we're 'too attached' or over-supportive of our children and what 'dis-regulated' states in our children and ourselves look and feel like and how to find balance again.

Module 2 - Mirror Magic
Your child's behaviour is never separate from your own, and the parts of them that trigger you the most, embody the greatest learnings about yourself and your childhood story. Learn how to find the wisdom in wounds your child is calling you into, so you can parent from a place of authenticity, rather than guilt, shame or blame.

Module 3 - Functional Dysfunction
The 'perfect, peaceful family' is an illusion. A family needs both 'war' and 'peace' within it to grow, just like we need to both support and challenge ourselves and our children to grow. Gain an understanding of your own unique family dynamic and find a new sense of gratitude for those who push your buttons, so you can empower yourself, and love more of your family, just as they are.

Module 4 - Play The Universe
Unlock the higher order of the 'guilts' that plague your motherhood and empower yourself with playful parenting principles to create freedom and joy in your relationships with your children. Implement tools to teach empathy and resilience in your children, and by extension, your own inner child, re-patterning your experience and transforming your reality.

What you'll get out of it

  • How to love your childhood wounds so you can grow beyond them and can therefore meet your child's needs separate from your own
  • Show your children they have an internal guidance system worth listening to, they have wings they can spread beyond you.
  • Recognise what your intentions are around your parenting and work on removing the attachment that your child should be "x, y, z" as a result of that - helps to break the ego you have around parenting and allow you the freedom to create more connection and have more fun.
  • You are always the perfect parent for your child - you will provide for them everything they need to grow, the "good, bad and ugly"
  • children are incredibly intuitive, they are bathing in the emotions of the family and of the home, they pick up on everything said and unsaid.  So the more you can regulate your own nervous system and bring yourself back into balance, the more it helps them bring themselves back into balance; their nervous system is attuned to the mothers nervous system.
  • Find some centeredness in your motherhood, amidst the crazy, the overwhelming and the yo-yoing of emotions
  • Find YOUR authentic blueprint, beyond the parenting 'experts'
  • How your child teach you in this symbiotic parent-child relationship
  • Find the reverence for the challenge and the darker emotions - we will teach you how to hold space for ourselves in all of those disowned, "uglier" emotions.  When we can do this for ourselves, we can do this for our children so that we make all parts of them "right", rather than just the parts that are socially acceptable.
  • Bring the fun and play back into your parenting which is just as healing as it is a toolkit on it's own
  • Learn how attention-seeking behaviour is connection-seeking behaviour and find your boundaries within this, whilst having a toolkit to bring alignment back in.
  • Find out how to handle your emotional triggers so you can find your way back to balance and recognise what the feedback is for you
  • Get on the same page as your partner with your family values and parenting goals
  • Bring gratitude to the unique gifts those around you are giving to you and your children - step out of blame and judgement
  • Get comfortable with setting boundaries
  • Get your perfectionism into perspective

The path Julie Tenner and Bridget Wood have led me along is one of great humility. With their guidance I have been able to navigate myself to a place where I can sit in love for my most authentic self. The reverence I have for this, does not result from the freedom I have to be me, but in the capacity it provides me to love my children and those closest to me in their totality. To do this without judgement and with compassion enables me to provide my children a pathway into acceptance and love for themselves, which to me represents the greatest role of mothering
— Sofie, mum of 2







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