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A collection of stories, insights, pain and laughter that details our lives, our experiences as women and mothers and the wisdom that comes out of that.

Guest blog: How to meet your needs, by Dr Lauren Woodman

Bridget Wood

I am going to share with you one of my most valuable tools that will help you build your resilience, confidence and happiness in your life AND assist you to get more done.

Six years ago, whilst working full time I self funded and created Seven Sisters Festival, which has now become the largest women’s wellbeing festival in the world.  Needless to say my experience of working with thousands of women through the festival as well as my own journey of managing my time working two jobs has taught me a lot about efficiency, resilience, women and their needs; my own included.

To achieve a lot or even a little – one needs to have energy, a clear head and even emotions. If any of these factors are challenged – our ability to get things done and to support others like our family will be compromised.

So often as women there are many demands placed upon us, especially mothers, who are managing to meet the needs of their children, family, work and friends.  In fact our whole nervous systems are wired to respond and react instinctually to help others but especially the needs of our children and family.

Our responsive nature and instinctual drive to help others however can often override our own needs and sadly in today’s lifestyle we have less support from family, community and friends to hear our own cries and sadly many of us ignore them too.

So we must take responsibility ourselves, otherwise who else will?

The most efficient and happy people I have met - the ones who manage to self care, self regular and get a lot done- all have effective self management systems and know how to best use their time to recharge as best as possible.

I have created a chart below to share with you my own system to help you achieve this.  It involves carefully thinking about your needs at certain times and what personally recharges with what time you have available so when you are overwhelmed you can easily walk yourself through a process to restore your energy and balance.

This is the science, behind how it works. 

When you are emotional state you are operating predominately from the limbic and amygdala parts of the brain, which are responsible for fear and emotion.  By asking yourself a question whilst in this state- you active the frontal lobes or neo-cortex – which lessens the emotion charge and stimulates more logical thought – giving you freedom and choice to make a conscious choice rather than hastily react.

Having the cheat sheet available helps give you direction when you feel lost.  Fill it out below


Name it and deal with it!

Fill out this form with examples of activities that can be achieved within the set time frames that best comfort you when you are in a certain emotional state. Then when you next find yourself overwhelmed

1.    Name what state you are feeling

2.     Consult your list and work out what activity you can complete within the time you have to comfort you.


One other thing I also recommend to women is to take a chunk of time out of their year to gather perspective.

Time where you can focus only on yourselves and reconnect with who you are outside our roles as daughter, mother, sister, employee and so on.

We all need perspective and distance from our lives so we can see and work on it.

This is exactly why I have created Seven Sisters Festival to create a sanctum for women and challenge women to invest in themselves and hold their self-care sacred.

If you wish to attend our festival, it's held in Mount Martha, Victoria, on the 3-5th of March 2017.

Please use the special code for the Nourishing The Mother tribe - "mamaXO" which takes $40 off your ticket.