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A collection of stories, insights, pain and laughter that details our lives, our experiences as women and mothers and the wisdom that comes out of that.

Our Top 5 Podcast Episodes: a wrap-up

Bridget Wood

After almost two years, and over 100 episodes, we thought it was high-time we shared with you some of our most downloaded episodes, for your listening pleasure! 

The culmination of our work, musings, philosophy and approach to motherhood is presented and explored at depth through our signature 'Loathing To Loving Program' and private Facebook member community - if you're feeling called to nourish and awaken more of yourself, we'd love you to join us! 

1. NTM 65 - Relationships, The Masculine and The Queen's Code with Alison Armstrong 
In this episode we interview acclaimed author of The Queens Code, Alison Armstrong. We delve into juicy discussions around partnerships and relationships, the inner critic, how to transform your communication, how to love yourself and your men more fully.  Its a fave of ours and we really hope its as perspective-shifting for you as it was for us!

2. NTM 69: Women, Pelvises and Babies - Interview with Natalie Lejeune
This episode deep-dives into women, their stories through motherhood and their bodies afterwards.  We discuss pain, dysfunction, emotional and physical rebuilding and what insights such an experienced and sought-after professional has, as a French Osteopath who has been specialising in Women’s Health for over 20 years. 

Natalie completed a Master’s thesis on the impact of Caesareans on the pelvis and has executed extensive research on the consequences of hysterectomies and pelvic disorders, lumbago, sciatica and femoral nerve inflammation

3. NTM 82: Bringing Sexy Back
In this revealing episode Bridget and Julie challenge the accepted story that mothering small children equals no satisfying sex life.  What if there’s another way?  When we’re willing to look at what’s really going on for us, it is the pathway for deeper connection and fulfilment in our sexual relationships – it all start with us.

4. NTM 1: Why 'Nourishing The Mother?' Our stories, Our vision
Bridget and Julie launch the podcast show with an honest look at where they see the challenges of motherhood today, and also the beautiful opportunities to presented to us to grow, however it looks for each of us. Hear what inspired them to create this space and take up the invitation to join a community of women looking for connection, understanding and awakening.

5. NTM 70: Five Things No-one Tells You About Motherhood
In this juicy topic we share deeply from experience and wisdom the 5 greatest challenges of motherhood – you know those ones we don’t really talk about?? Those ones we keep to ourselves and struggle in private with?? Those ones…Isolation, Infatuation, Loathing, Body-hate, Identity. It’s juicy indeed!


Bridget Wood is Co-Founder of Nourishing The Mother and a lover of life and connecting people to themselves through wisdom, introspection and quality questions. Bridget is also the Director and Events Manager of Suburban Sandcastles. With an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a desire to understand the bigger picture of human behaviour and how the world works, Bridget is on an inspired path to learn more deeply who we are beyond the limitations that we, and our society and culture, place upon upon us.