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An altruistic alternative to the Advent Calendar - a good deeds list

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A collection of stories, insights, pain and laughter that details our lives, our experiences as women and mothers and the wisdom that comes out of that.

An altruistic alternative to the Advent Calendar - a good deeds list

Julie Tenner

If you're sick of the consumerism of Christmas, or want to turn your children's focus from "getting" to "giving", then this blog is for you!

This type of Advent calendar alternative is from my sister (Charli Marden Photography and Design), who every year spends focused time on brining balance to her kids experience of Christmas, with an altruistic alternative to the traditional Advent Calendar - she creates a 'Good Deeds List'.  Each day they open an envelope and do the activity enclosed, together.

I'm inspired by this idea so I thought I would share it with you all!

Listed below are the good deeds my niece and nephew completed this year, with photos so you can soak in some amazingness from another mama and perhaps it inspires you to create this type of tradition with your own children.....I plan on getting organised enough to do it next year!

2017 Good Deeds List

1. Give your sibling a compliment
2. Write Merry Christmas messages for people, with chalk, along the footpath.

3. Help put up Christmas decorations.

4. Clean your room


5. Bin some rubbish at the beach or park.

6. Tell your sibling you love them and give them a hug.

7. Plant something to say thank you to the earth

8. Pack a sack for the homeless/Donate food to a local food bank.


9. Deliver an xmas surprise to police or fire station (Reindeer Noses)

10. Draw xmas cards for your loved ones/Post cards to your friends who live far away.

11. Donate $1 of your pocket money to charity.

12. Donate some clothes or toys to good will.


13. Leave a bucket of tennis balls at the dog beach (bottom the steps with note - zip ties)

14. Give a gift of appreciation to your teacher.

15. Leave a handmade kindness stone for someone to find at the park or beach.

16. Find and deliver a present for a child less fortunate than you.

17. Spread Christmas cheer and hand deliver xmas cards to the neighbours.

18. Make + deliver an xmas surprise for your classmates.

19. Tape change to a parking machine with a merry xmas note.

20. Bake a batch of xmas cookies

21. Wrap + hand deliver you xmas baking to the elderly (FIND NURSING HOME)


22. Call someone special and tell them you love them.

23. Deliver xmas treats to the animal shelter.

24. Put out food for reindeer + Santa.

Feed the birds
Have a cousin day
Take someone else’s dog for a walk.


Christmas tradition and meaning comes from what we saturate our children in, culture is secondary to this. 

So if what you want is to take the focus off of 'getting' and put it back into 'giving', then this is the project for you!

Wishing you a beautifully connected Christmas and a blessed new year xx

Thank you to Charli for her beautiful memories and sharing of wisdom!