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Why I love the word "Cunt"

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A collection of stories, insights, pain and laughter that details our lives, our experiences as women and mothers and the wisdom that comes out of that.

Why I love the word "Cunt"

Julie Tenner

Do you know where the word “cunt” comes from? 

The origins of cunt are not certain, some ancient texts refer to its origins as a word that describes “the slit of life” or “goddess opening”, others “creation” and “femininity”, others that it was a simply a term without emotion that meant “woman”.

Somewhere along the way it has been slain into something offensive, likely reminiscent of feminine suppression.  Shamed and ridiculed for being a being of creation.  Like Germain Greer, I share her belief that the condemnation of “cunt” is largely as a result of a patriarchal society, afraid of female desire.

Then on top of that, we as women have taken up the disdain for this word!  This most sacred part of our body.  We’ve picked up and carried the same disdain and suppression handed down generation after generation and we don’t even stop to question why.

Whether you use it to degrade another, or won’t use it because “it’s the worst swear word possible” – both follow the same belief; that this word is dirty, that “it” is disgusting.

Where has the grace and awe gone for this word?  For this part of our most intimate feminine, for this centre of a woman?  Where has our reverence for our ability to create and give birth to life gone? 

Why is it so much easier to leave it as taboo and shy away from owning its power?   Why do we seek repression over expansion?  Why are we ok with hiding and shaming this most incredible part of our humanity?  It’s like the word “Voldemort” in Harry Potter – most don’t dare say it, some whisper it in dark places but all are afraid of the power this word carries.

Cunt.  Say it.  Were you struck down?  Say it again.  Cunt.  Do you feel the power behind it?  Even if you cringe or say it lightly and look over your shoulder waiting to see if someone heard, you’ve said it – you took back some power, your power, your ownership, your desire.

Cunt is not a dirty word, socially taboo yes, but not dirty.  It is a word filled with feminine mystique and intrigue – A promise of the promised land.  Cunt can be sexy.  I certainly find it more titillating than “pussy” which in comparison seems like a kindergarten word.  I’d put “pussy” up there with “panties” – what the actual fuck?!  Are we having sex with men or boys?  Are we sitting like a high priestess in our sexuality, or are we hiding from the watchful eye of our inner parent?

I love the word cunt.  I love how it sounds, I love what it alludes to and I love its history.  I’m not offended by this choice of word when used in context, but I am deeply offended when I hear this word used to “take a woman down” or to caste disgrace – that is offensive, to take the sacred and desecrate it.

You are a divine cunt.  You have a glorious cunt.  You might as well own it girlfriend.

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Julie Tenner is Co-founder of Nourishing The Mother and is The Pleasure Nutritionist. Julie is a Naturopath, specialising in women’s and children's health, with specific focus on awakening women to their full potential – health for the mind, body and soul – creating lasting life change for you and your family by “coming home” to your magnificence.