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Online Courses for Personal Development for Women

Access an enormous toolkit for smashing through beliefs that hold you back. Find the gifts and gold from your life's story.  Align with what is most important to you and start living a life you feel awakened by!  Connect with your magnificence and allow the world to witness it.

Online Courses and Programs

It opened me up to my magnificence and genius and to love myself wholly in order to accept the love.


- ditch the guilt and get on purpose - 


- parenting with connection and consciousness - 

Hear what women who have completed our course would like you to know!

Oh man just do it. Even if you think you dont have stuff to unpack you will totally draw gold from it
if you want to align your life with things most dear to only you and live in a place of harmony with your soul this program is for will transform your life and those around you.
The title is very fitting! It really does take you on a journey from self loathing and loathing of others to self loving and feeling more appreciative of others.
That everyone should do it!
It awakens an awareness of what is possible for us as women and mothers and gives you the tools to work towards it.

Nourishing the Mother
Loathing to Loving Program
- ditch the guilt and get on purpose -

Click the link below to discover how we can take you from loathing to loving...



That means you will only ever pay the course price ONCE and have the opportunity to take part in as many live rounds of the course as you like - for life!

We really want you to feel supported on your journey and self-awakening - it's why this tribe exists.

Once you sign up to the course, you get instant access to the course material so you can begin whenever you want or wait for the next live round to participate with a select group of women. You will always have access to course material, so can check back as many times as you like. 

You also receive exclusive access to our members only Facebook group which is a place to learn from one another, ask questions and receive individualised coaching from both Bridget and Julie, as you solidify and implement the course material into your life.


We want you to feel supported and empowered as you create the change in your life that you seek.



This was the best money I have ever spent! I am on such a clearer path and a much happier person for it. I have learned all the scars from my past in fact made me who I am and were of great benefit. This changed my perception of myself and I now finally feel in a place of self love and acceptance.
Words cannot express how much I received from this program, it’s transformational! My husband, my children, most of all the love I have been able to give myself. Bridget, Julie, & The Tribe have guided me through this journey with love,understanding, & deeper insight for which I will be forever grateful.

The program opened me to a completely new way of viewing myself and the world. It has helped me to reconnect with who I am and has given me the tools to pave a more intentional, fulfilling life for myself and my family. I now feel much better equiped to embrace the challenges that come my way.
Bridget and Julie have created a pathway for all women to truly stand in their space and own the daughter, mother and wise woman that resides within us. In their nourishing and supportive way we are guided to explore the depths of our souls and the highest parts of our minds to learn how to truly embrace the essence of who we are. It is my hope that all women could travel on such a journey, to see the magnificence that not only resides in ourselves, but in all women alike.
I loved the understanding of family dynamics and mirrors, which allowed us to stop reacting unconsciously to everyday stressors and instead look for the lessons and opportunities to respond differently. Loved the tools to reframe old wounds. Learning that I need to change no-one but myself and that I am worth the effort, will be life changing for me, my family and my community.


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