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Sensuality Sexuality


A course dedicated to reclaiming your sensual self.

A 4-module devotional to get you to reconnect to your sensual body and reclaim your innate sexual identity
with audio’s, video lessons, meditations, practices and conscious journaling questions to bring you to embodying your sensuality. 

Make sensuality a habit.

Make sexuality something you embody, not something you ‘do’.


Sensuality Sexuality is our next deep dive after you've awakened the feminine with our Loathing to Loving Program.  It is a pre-requisite of this course entry that you complete at least one live round of Loathing to Loving, to ground your knowledge before building upon it, and going deeper in the feminine psyche with Sensuality Sexuality.

We run ONE live round per year, 21 days dedicated to our sexuality, to owning our story, to moving through our relationship blocks and consciously blooming into our next evolution of womanhood.

The fully facilitated live round will run around August each year. We advise you jump into this course BEFORE the live round, so you may digest and absorb the lessons and content, ask questions and gain clarity through our members-only group (only for women who enrol in our courses), so you can fully use the live round time for YOUR FACILITATION.

No worries! Find out how we can help take you from Loathing to Loving below


Ready to know myself better.

Ready to find myself and know my purpose.

Ready to honour my journey and my loved ones within it.

Ready to know my life and understand what's in the way in a new light.

Ready for new parenting tools.

Ready for valuing myself and my relationship.

Ready to be challenged out of my comfort zone and into a new way of being.